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In Year 8, students will closely look at the job role of a weather forecaster. They will look at the skills this involves and will develop on these and use role-play to design and present their own weather forecasts for specific countries.

In Year 9, students will focus on Globalisation. They will study the changing of jobs and economies in different parts of the world. They will assess the impacts of Globalisation, such as changing jobs in the UK and abroad and also the role of TNC’s. Both of which will be applicable to the futures of the students.

In Year 10, the focus shifts to a closer to home topic. Students will study changes to employment in the UK, including the growth of high tech businesses, and the impact of this on the changing UK economy. Students carry out a study of Bristol and how its economy/jobs and employment structures have changed recently.

In Year 11, students look at Economic Geography. Further developing their Year 9 work on Globalisation, as well as trade and employment structures. They will be learning how to group jobs into different job types (e.g. primary/secondary etc.) They will also look at the impacts of Globalisation and how this will affect them in the future.



In Year 7 students look at the economic reasons to create empires, such as the Romans and the Norman conquest. This is done through the analysis of source materials, as well as extended writing.

In Year 8, students look at the Industrial Revolution. This includes the study of entrepreneurs, innovation and technology, as well as Trade and Empire.

In Year 9, students study Boom and Bust economics as well as USA in the 1920’s. Students will closely study the economic factors that lead up to the Boom and Bust and apply this to current day situations.

In Year 10, students move on to Germany in the 1920’s and also learn about economic hardship. They will study Hyperinflation and several other economic factors. This is developing on from previous years knowledge.

In Year 11, students look at the FDR and the “New Deal”. They study how the US government dealt with the economic fallout of the Great Depression.



Across all years, students build on their knowledge from the previous years to develop well rounded language skills. In each year group, they will study different jobs, employee skills/attributes and also discover what further study options are available to those in different countries. They will develop speaking skills for interview situations (e.g. 1-1 assessments). Through doing these assessments, students will build up their confidence, not only to speak 1-1 in a different language but also to be able to speak on a 1-1 basis in general. In the later year’s students will develop their writing skills in different languages and this will be shown through writing their own CV’s as well as letters of application.

Life Studies, Philosophy & Ethics

life studies

Throughout all year groups Life Studies looks at valuing diversity and learning about different world views. All of which can be applied in the workplace and future situations the students may find themselves in. This is all carried out through discussion and investigation in lessons, helping students to develop their communication skills. Enabling them to learn how to listen to other’s opinions as well as put across their own without causing conflicts – very important skills to have for their future careers.



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