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In Year 7, enterprise skills and capabilities are promoted throughout art and are then signed off for on a tracker.

In Year 8, students look at enterprise through design. They look at generating ideas/ innovating design – and also how design works. Following on from this they learn how to analyse and evaluate their own and others work.

In Year 9, they study the concept “Art as seen not seen as a one off but the artist as a brand”. They will be looking at Pop Art effects on the modern world, and how this benefited the Art industry.

In Year 10, students will be taught on deadlines and meeting a brief. Not only is this essential for a career in Art but for a career in anything. It teaches time management and the ability to listen to what is required and how you can meet that to suit the customer.

In Year 11, the focus moves to public art – covering topics such as who pays for art? This leads on to the discussions of how this influences an artist, the benefits and drawbacks.



Throughout all year groups drama expands on the skills needed to be successful in the work place. They look at confidence building and presentation skills, this is done through focusing on the language we use and also the performances carried out, they also do this through learning how to give and take direction and carry out note taking to give feedback and analysis to other members of the group. They look at problem solving and team work through carrying out group exercises and discussions.



In Year 7, through the use of homework booklets and character studies, English helps to develop independence in the students. They learn how to self-asses their work and also how to deal with a challenging piece of work!

In Year 8, students explore country and economy and they study industry in literature. Allowing the students to be reflective and also to be able to put their own and others values into a context.

In Year 9, Students begin presentation letter writing. They study speeches and public talks, even developing their own! They also begin persuasive writing which can lead on to practicing cover letters, CV’s and job applications. Persuasive writing is an important tool in getting a job.

In Year 10, the focus turns on to formal writing and also job history. Students will look at the context of business as well as the use of linguistics that comes with formal writing.

In Year 11, students are still developing their formal writing skills but they are also looking at equality. This is carried out through a language study and a social class investigation.



Since joining the team in January 2016, Music has taken started to grow again even if the exam results were not as predicted. Orchestra and choir have grown and successful concerts have been held through the rest of the year. There has been a one third increase in numbers taking GCSE Music for academic year 2016 and retention rates are potentially higher according to initial student feedback. Revision guides and intervention are already in place for Year 11 and Year 10 as well as team teaching sessions for GL and LH.

Potential visits to watch live Music and schools of music have been requested and will be happening this academic year.

There are 2 extra peripatetic teachers starting at Preston this year adding vocals and ukulele to the teaching repertoire.



In Year 7 and Year 8, students focus on health awareness, team work and leadership. They do this through developing their knowledge and understanding of the effects of exercise. This is also carried out through team-building activities, this enables students to gain confidence to lead on a range of activities.

In Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11, the focus is still on health awareness and leadership but also independency in sport as well as awareness of careers in sports. Students gain a greater understanding of being healthy post school and the affects this will have on their futures. Students also take on leadership roles in core P.E as well as GCSE.


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