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Business Studies – Business studied is studied from year 9 onwards.

In Year 9, an industry day is arranged for all year 9 students. They are given choices of attending workshops delivered by over 20 businesses/ FE providers. Students make selections prior to the day. There are several speakers to represent main industries in the South West as well as smaller businesses which service niche markets. Year 9 business students also create business plans which incorporate marketing, production, financial and legal aspects of setting up a local business. These plans are then presented formally to local business advisors.

In Year 10, students visit Longleat. The students all attend a seminar on the organisations structure and HR roles. Students then complete enterprise tasks around the park to help them build up their enterprise skills. Year 10 students also take part in the stock market challenge, to develop maths and business skills. Another thing the students take part in is business speed dating. Business students meet 15-20 small business owners/managers to find out about working in their industry through a speed dating format.

In Year 11, in the lead up to the exam, students complete a HR unit incorporating all aspects of recruitment and selection such as; job descriptions, application forms, CV’s, equal opportunities, personal specifications. This is then used for mock interviews with local organisations.



In Year 7, all students learn about budgeting within the scenario of planning a school trip. Students are taught how to use excel formula and functions.

In Year 8, students carry out Dragons Den. This is an ICT based challenge in which students compete in teams. All students will create new products and deliver pitches to secure the dragons funding. This will be done through ICT preparation work and group presentations to the “Dragons” (12-15 local business people).

In Year 9, all ICT students learn how to develop business documents using industry standard software. They take on the role of marketing / ICT managers in fictitious businesses.

In Year 10 and Year 11, students take part in the South Somerset District Council Marketing Department Project. Students use industry standard multimedia software to produce Media Rich materials to promote the local area.



In Year 7, on an SOL day, half the Year 7 students will visit Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton in order to carry out a series of enterprise challenges with the focus of developing maths skills in a business context. Activities include break even, daily income, and operation costs of the minibus. The other half of the year group will be based at school carrying out the Summer Holiday challenge. Students will be taking on the role of a travel agent who organises trips/ holidays for school. Students will be arranging a trip for Year 7 students at Preston School. This trip could be anywhere in the world! Students will conduct their own market research. They will then analyse their findings, choose a location and form a trip itinerary. Once they’ve completed all the costings for the trip, students will need to pitch their ideas.

In Year 8, students will take part in UK maths challenge. They will have the opportunity to compete in the national competition which promotes links between maths and industry.

In Year 9, students have the option to join a maths progression programme. This is an after school club which works with Exeter University – it highlights career progression in STEM subjects.

In Year 10, some maths students will take part in the ‘Maths for everyone’ programme run by Bristol University. This programme is focussed on high ability Year 10’s and is centred around making connections with importance of maths in a variety of industries. Also, in this year some maths students will attend the Longleat trip with the business students and will carry out maths challenges around the park to develop functional maths skills.


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