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Design & Technology

design & technology

This subject focuses more on careers in the curriculum throughout Year 10 and 11, as students approach their GCSE’s and are making decisions for their future.

In Year 10, textile students take a trip to the Clothes Show Live, this gives students the opportunity to speak to universities and companies about careers within the textiles industry and how to achieve these roles. Catering students take a trip to Exeter Food festival and are given the opportunity to talk to local businesses about their produce, how it is made, marketing and job roles available within the local area. Catering students also take a trip to the restaurant ZaZa Bazar. This gives students the opportunity to visit and international restaurant and talk to a variety of chefs who have trained around the world, as well as sample the different food types.

In Year 11, all students expand on the knowledge they’ve gained from previous trips and are taught more in depth, about the different job roles within textiles, engineering, product design and catering, within the local community.



In Year 7, students learn about careers and the world of work by visiting Winchester Science, Natural History Museum and the Living Jungle.

In Year 8, students attend a workshop on Careers with animals at Bristol Zoo. This enables all students to speak to different members of staff around the zoo and learn about the variety of job roles involved in caring for animals and working in a zoo.

In Year 9, students take part in the GSK challenge – Fighting Malaria. In past years’ students have beaten over 137 schools to reach the final of the challenge, which involved a presentation at the science museum in London to the judges as well as other finalists. This not only helps to develop presentation skills, confidence and the ability to face a tough Q&A panel, it also looks at the pharmaceutical industry on a wider spectrum and the challenges of a career within the industry.

In Year 10, students take part in a visit to Hinkley Point C. With the upcoming development of Hinkley Point C this is a great visit for students to discover the career prospects in this local area that will be growing rapidly over the coming years. They will also learn about the talent academy that is growing around Hinkley Point C and the apprenticeship scheme they offer as it develops. A great opportunity for our budding construction and engineering students!

In Year 11 as GCSE’s approach, there is a lesser focus on careers within the curriculum. However, we do promote and advertise the work experience offered during holiday time with Gap Medics. This is a great opportunity for students to get further medical work experience in their own time at local hospitals, this is also widely recognised on UCAS applications for those applying to study medicine later on.

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