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If students are happy and feel supported, they flourish in School and will achieve their full potential. Supporting students is our top priority, whether it is monitoring and keeping them on track with their learning or whether they need help to deal with personal, social or other issues.

Every Student at Preston is treated equally and fairly. We believe the needs of every child are important and we work hard to ensure that all students are listened to and cared for.

At Preston we have a large team of staff who are committed to supporting students and ensuring that they achieve their full potential, this team includes:

  • Vice Principals
  • Learning Managers
  • Academic Mentors
  • Student Welfare Officer
  • School Counsellor
  • Attendance Officer
  • Behaviour Support Assistants
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • Restorative Justice Coordinator  

At Preston School we use the Every Child Matters outcomes as the framework for the support and guidance. Here are some the examples of how we support our students:

ECM Outcome

How Preston School Supports Students

Being Healthy

  • Preston School has gained the Healthy Schools award.
  • We have a wide range of extra curricular sporting activities to increase the opportunities for physical activity.
  • The school canteen provides a range of healthy snacks and meals.

Staying Safe

  • Students who travel to school by bus, walk and cycle are all given advice and guidance on how to travel safely.
  • Students are taught about internet safety through ICT lessons and assemblies.
  • Academic Mentors deliver staying safe sessions as part of the academic mentor programme.

Enjoy and Achieve

  • Academic mentors work with students to ensure they are fully aware of their current level of attainment and their potential.
  • OFSTED reported that students at Preston School enjoy coming to school and achieve.

Making a Positive Contribution

  • Students are encouraged to take on roles of responsibility and take part in extra curricular activities.
  • Year 9 organise a senior citizens tea party.
  • We have a group of students who help in the local community tidying up gardens.

Economic Wellbeing

  • Through the schools careers education programme we raise students' aspirations for the future.
  • Preston School students all go on to further education, employment or training in a variety of areas and places across Somerset.


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