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Whole-school literacy at Preston School

At Preston School, we recognise that literacy is at the core of everything we do in preparing our young people for a successful and prosperous future. In the following report: Literacy Changes Lives 2014, research suggests there are ‘potential social and economic gains to be made by improving literacy levels.’ (Literacy Changes Lives)

So what is meant by literacy? The National Literacy Trust defines literacy as: ‘the combination of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills we all need to fulfil our potential. These life skills are essential to the happiness, health and wealth of individuals and society.’  (Literacy: State of the Nation)

We believe that literacy underpins everything we do and here at Preston School, we are working hard to nurture and improve our students’ literacy skills across the whole curriculum. It is essential that our work is in partnership with parents and carers and therefore, we have provided useful resources which are not only accessible to teaching staff and students, but to parents and carers for use outside the classroom (these will be added to and amended when necessary). In recent years, curriculum changes have placed even further emphasis on improving literacy standards and it is paramount to understand this has to be achieved by working together: students; parents; carers and teachers. Being literate enables a child to access the whole curriculum and further their chances of a successful future; the national curriculum currently states: ‘Teachers should develop pupils’ spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary as integral aspects of the teaching of every subject,’ (DfE KS3 & 4 Framework) but this is something that can also be encouraged outside of the classroom and it is hoped that our resources will prove to be useful tools for everyone.




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