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Preston School offers an excellent learning experience for every child and every member of staff is committed to making lessons memorable and challenging. In essence providing the highest quality teaching suited to the needs of our young people. Choosing a secondary school is a daunting prospect and at Preston all our staff are committed to helping our new students make the transition as smooth as possible. Our school ethos is Bringing learning to life and life to learning. As a member of staff, I believe this is visible in every class, and supported by our families, we work tireless to ensure every child fulfils their potential and to find new talents by offering more and more opportunities to be successful.


I am so delighted to have chosen Preston for my two children. The high standards set, both academically and socially allow them to flourish both as individuals and as part of a group; providing them with a good understanding of the expectations they will face in the wider world. The teaching staff are so enthusiastic about children reaching their full potential, and their progress is communicated to parents regularly and clearly. I always know that if I have a question or concern, there is someone to help!

Senior Leadership Team

From the moment you enter Preston School, you know you are entering an extended family. The warmth of the school is palpable and whether you are a current staff member, students, parents or indeed a first-time visitor to the school, you know you are going to be welcomed & nurtured.

What makes Preston really special are the relationships within. The strength of the relationships between the staff – with every staff member working collaboratively together to ensure that the students achieve their dreams. What’s more, is the obvious strength of the relationships between the staff and the students. Staff and students work together as a team – the staff striving to ensure that the students exceed their own expectations, not just academically, but also in the field of extra-curricular activities.

The school provides a wide variety of enrichment activities and visits to widen the horizons of the students. At Preston we aim to provide an environment where the students can thrive and enjoy their educational experience as well providing them with challenge.

We are proud of our school – as staff - and if you ask the students, they are proud of their school too.


Bringing learning to life and life to learning – this is the thread that runs through every lesson. At Preston it is a core belief that each student is an individual. The strong working relationships they build with the staff enable them to believe in themselves as individuals as well as forming a strong sense of self within a community.

All of the staff at Preston work hard to inspire the students to identify their aspirations and work together to achieve them. By starting with the core learning skills as a firm basis the students are given a great opportunity to progress with confidence and competence. They are encouraged to celebrate successes on all levels and to share these successes within the Preston Community.

At Preston the governors and staff believe that determination and a can-do attitude are important in all walks of life and promote this at every opportunity with the students. The Governors enjoy their role and are pleased to play their part in the challenges and successes of the Preston Community.

KS4 Student

I chose Preston School, mainly because it was everyone’s recommendation. We got an interview with the Vice Principal who showed us the school with passion and interest. The site was very well equipped and it really looked like the ideal school to go to. Even now that I have been here for almost three years, it is still a great school to be in that will do its best to make you do your best.


2017  Preston School