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assessment imageApprentice Level

  • Managed in school
  • Underwritten by Headteacher
  • For each completed activity, students are asked to complete an on-line form with 3 prompts:
    • What did you hope to learn from this activity?
    • Briefly describe the activity and say where the evidence can be found (a person, photo, statement) to support its successful completion
    • Describe the impact of the activity on you
  • The assessor in school then validates successful completion and awards credits

timescales imageIn order to achieve your apprenticeship you will need to complete your 10 activities over the rest of 2015.

6 activities during Year 9 (2 per ½ term)
2 activities over summer holidays
2 activities in Yr 10 – Autumn term

dates imageFriday 27th February – Edge Assembly
Monday 2nd March - LAUNCH - LOG ONS distributed in AM’s
Tuesday 10th March - SOL Day

activities imageEvery student in Year 9 will be entered for the Apprentice Level.  Students must achieve 2 credits in each of the five categories below. The following examples outline the types of activities which can be credited as part of the Apprentice Level:

Leadership (2 activities required)

  • Take responsibility for teaching elements of work to others in the class (1 credit)
  • Lead a coaching session in PE. (1 credit)
  • Represent the tutor group in a sports day event. (1 credit)
  • Produce a short film outlining the importance of road safety. (1 credit)

Organisation(2 activities required)

  • Organise a small scale fundraising activity e.g. School in a Bag (1 credit)
  • Compose musical piece for a single instrument or voice which is performed (1 credit)
  • Take care of a neighbour's garden and dustbins while they are away (1 credit)

Initiative (2 activities required)

  • Create a high quality wall display independently for a subject department(1 credit)
  • Volunteer and lead a tutor activity (1 credit)
  • Help clear up after a school event (1 credit)
  • Take responsibility for an area of production for a public audience (1 credit)

Resilience (2 activities required)

  • Achieve a grade 3 music qualification (1 credit)
  • Learn how to play chess, through regular meetings with a club or with friends (1 credit)
  • Complete a 5K fun run (1 credit)
  • Attend a chosen club every week across a term (1 credit)

Communication (2 activities required)

  • Create an anti-litter/pro recycling campaign in school (1 credit)
  • Write an article for the school newsletter / website (1 credit)
  • Perform in a school production (1 credit)
  • Prepare a two minute formal speech on a topic of your choice to be delivered in front of my class without any visual aids (1 credit)

Every activity must be evidenced and signed off by a member of staff.  This can be your Academic Mentor, Mr Kendall, our Enterprise Coordinator or a member of SLT.
To be accredited with an ‘Apprentice’ level, students must gain 10 credits in total (2 credits from each category).


What are the requirements for each activity?

Duration  One-off to less than 1 term 
Team  Between 1 and a class
Exposure  Between 1 and 50 
2017  Preston School