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The School of Student Support and Personal Development is made up of the five Learning Managers, one for each year group, and their team of Academic Mentors. It is through this school that our students receive the vital information, advice and guidance to support and track their learning in order for them to achieve their potential.

sol ii - logoAcross the School of Innovation and Investigation, learning is about experiencing the excitement of enquiry, discovery and design. Study may involve inventing the new products of the future or learning to apply scientific ideas to new situations.

Subjects within Innovation and Investigation:

  • Science
  • Design and Technology



sol gu - logoThe School of Global Understanding explores how people create the world they live in and how this makes them the people they are. Through this learning, students develop a greater understanding of themselves and others, their environment and the global world in which they live.

Subjects within Global Understanding:

  • Modern Foreign Languages – French, German, Spanish
  • Life Studies – Personal, Social and Health Education, Citizenship
  • Religious Education
  • Geography
  • History

The School of Business and Enterprise is where learning is about the world of business and commerce. Students learn about how businesses operate and gain an insight into the world of work. Combining the skills of financial and ICT management this has a significant part to play in their future economic well-being.

Subjects within Business and Enterprise:

  • Mathematics
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Business Studies
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