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Business & Enterprise Academy

Preston School is a specialist Business and Enterprise Academy and as such receives additional funding to further raise standards of attainment across the school; with a particular focus on Maths, Information and Communication Technology and Business Education.

Our core aim is…

“Through exceptional business and enterprise education we will enable 21st century learners to make an ethical and sustainable contribution to local, national and global prosperity.”

As a school we are seeking to respond to an ever changing world helping to develop enterprising and entrepreneurial learners who are...

“resilient, independent and innovative with flexible skills and competencies; team players with a “can do” attitude who can lead themselves and others to achieve their full potential in a rapidly changing world.”

As an enterprising and entrepreneurial Business and Enterprise Academy we aspire to be a…

“centre of excellence; promoting high quality business and enterprise education in all schools and make a positive contribution to the challenges of achieving local, national and global economic well- being”

In addition we also have a responsibility to be at the forefront of promoting business and enterprise education and raising achievement by…

“sharing exceptional practice with schools and other providers. Building effective partnerships with employers and developing a mutual understanding of needs. Finally, by promoting community development and social cohesion on a local, national and global scale.



Please find below a summary of awards and accolades the school has achieved in recent years. Also included is a brief description of what the award is about and a link to further information. Preston School uses these frameworks for three reasons.

1. To quality assure and accredit existing practice.
2. To develop new and exciting learning for our students.
3. To self evaluate the leadership and management of the school.

Please find further information about each of these awards below.


The DCSF INternational School Award (ISA) CEI NAtional Standard for Enterprise Education The Financial Management Standard in Schools
The Healthy School Programme (NHSP) Becta Network for Languages



Connexions iNet Specialist Schools and Acadmies Trust
Business & Enterprise Exeter University ITE Partnership Yeovil Federation


Working towards...


08.25 Start of the School Day
08.30 - 08.40 Morning AM Time
08.40 - 09.40 Period 1
09.40 - 10.40 Period 2
10.40 - 11.00 Break
11.00 - 12.00 Period 3
12.00 - 13.00

Period 4

13.00 - 13.35 Lunchtime
13.35 - 13.55 Afternoon AM time
13.55 - 14.55 Period 5

School Days Ends

15.00 - 16.00

Extended day activities
Homework club
After school clubs

* Students should arrive onto the school site from 8:20 am onwards. Prior to this time the site is not fully staffed and therefore the supervision level of students is reduced. The school can not take responsibility for students entering the school site prior to this time.


Revamp of the school canteen

Catering at Preston School is now managed "in house"; we have full control of our catering and are able to make our own decisions as to the type of food on offer.  The Governing Body made this decision because it was felt that by going "in-house" the school would be able to do a much better job and to offer better value for money. We have spent £20000 re-designing the school canteen.  There has been new ceiling, floor and lighting, new furniture throughout and a coffee bar.  Redecoration has taken place alongside a new water fountain, wireless access and digital signage. Much of this was instigated as a result of the analysis of a whole school survey with regards to the use of the canteen.  We will also be making changes in the type of menu offered and we shall be investigating ways to encourage more students using the canteen.     Our Student Voice team selected the type and colour of flooring that has been laid and selected the style of tables and chairs.  They conducted the survey across the school and came back with the name for the canteen to be "The Hub".  This group shall be investigating ways in which we can promote the menus and types of food available through the use of our desktop computers, digital signage and hard copies.  The group will be working with the catering staff on the co-construction of menus.  They also anticipate the opportunity to listen to local radio and possibly watch videos etc. will be available very soon.Some of the other results from the survey were:

  • Healthy eating scheme – 43% said Yes

  • Favourite snacks (in order) were: Pizza, Baguettes, Wraps, Pasta, Panini, Fruit, and Fruit Salad.

  • 67% said that they would be tempted to go to the canteen for Theme Days.

  • 79% would like advance warning of Full meal menus.

Everyone has lunch on site

To coincide with these changes, students will no longer be allowed to go home for lunch – all students will stay on site and can either have their lunch in the canteen or bring a packed lunch to school. All parents of students who currently leave the site at lunchtimes have been consulted.




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