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Whole-school literacy at Preston School

At Preston School, we recognise that literacy is at the core of everything we do in preparing our young people for a successful and prosperous future. In the following report: Literacy Changes Lives 2014, research suggests there are ‘potential social and economic gains to be made by improving literacy levels.’ (Literacy Changes Lives)

So what is meant by literacy? The National Literacy Trust defines literacy as: ‘the combination of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills we all need to fulfil our potential. These life skills are essential to the happiness, health and wealth of individuals and society.’  (Literacy: State of the Nation)

We believe that literacy underpins everything we do and here at Preston School, we are working hard to nurture and improve our students’ literacy skills across the whole curriculum. It is essential that our work is in partnership with parents and carers and therefore, we have provided useful resources which are not only accessible to teaching staff and students, but to parents and carers for use outside the classroom (these will be added to and amended when necessary). In recent years, curriculum changes have placed even further emphasis on improving literacy standards and it is paramount to understand this has to be achieved by working together: students; parents; carers and teachers. Being literate enables a child to access the whole curriculum and further their chances of a successful future; the national curriculum currently states: ‘Teachers should develop pupils’ spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary as integral aspects of the teaching of every subject,’ (DfE KS3 & 4 Framework) but this is something that can also be encouraged outside of the classroom and it is hoped that our resources will prove to be useful tools for everyone.




What is Parent Portal?

Parental/Guardian support is a key factor in ensuring student success; it is therefore vital we provide appropriate data and information to parents/guardians. 

Through Parent Portal; Preston School can now make information about attendance, behaviour and achievement available at anytime, anywhere.

Current Features

1. Overall Attendance
2. Subject Attendance
Achievement points gained throughout the School year.
This will show you the timetable for the week, you can choose specific weeks. Behaviour points.
If the child has been graded in Moodle for a specific subject, you will be able to view the grades in the Grade book section. This holds Progress Report's figures. - Function to be added at a later date.
This will show Events related to your child. These are documents that are linked to your child e.g. Progress Reports, Newsletters and letters. - Function to be added at a later date.



Please click here to view instructions on how to view your child's Homework.


Please click here to view the instruction sheet on how to use the Parent Portal.

If you experience any issues with the Parent Portal or require your login information, please contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AcceptableUse Policy

Please click here to view Moodle's Acceptable Use Policy.


Latest Parents Evening:

AM Evening/Day

Yr 7 – 11 Academic Mentor Day 2nd/3rd November

Booking opens Monday 9th October at 00.05am
Booking closes Thursday 2nd November at 10.00am


About Options Evenings

On Options Evening subject leaders will be available to provide further information for parents and students about each subject on offer and answer specific questions. This will take place in the main school hall and you may arrive at any point during the evening.

Should you feel that there are any questions which your son/daughters teachers or subject leaders cannot answer with regards to options, you will also have the opportunity to book an appointment to talk to a member of the Senior Leadership Team during Options Evening.

About Subject Parents' Evening

Subject Parents’ Evening is the annual opportunity for you to discuss your son/daughters progress in each of their subjects. Obviously, this year, it will also be a good opportunity for you to discuss the GCSE options in each subject and your son/daughters suitability for these. 

AM Day

AM Day will provide you with the opportunity to meet your son/daughter's Academic Mentor. It is an excellent opportunity for you to discuss your son/daughter's attendance, engagement in learning as well as providing you with the opportunity to discuss and agree their Raising Achievement Targets for the year ahead.  Students are expected to attend these meetings in school uniform and should bring their homework planner.


Useful Links

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Useful Dates

AM Evening
Thursday 2nd November 2017

AM Day
Friday 3rd November 2017

Year 9 Subject Evening
Thursday 30th November 2017

Year 11 Subject Evening
Thursday 25th January 2018

Year 10 Subject Evening
Thursday 15th March 2018

Year 8 Options Evening
Thursday 19th April 2018

Year 8 Subject Evening
Thursday 3rd May 2018

Year 7 Subject Evening
Thursday 7th June 2018



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